Rail Bending & TriPoint Track Gauges

Trainworks Global sets itself apart in the realm of amusement park train manufacturing by offering specialized rail benders and TriPoint Track Gauges. Rail bending is a crucial process that allows tracks to be custom-shaped to fit the unique layout and design of an amusement park. Trainworks Global’s rail benders ensure seamless integration of the train system within the park’s landscape, optimizing the ride experience for visitors.

The rail benders and TriPoint Track Gauges provided by Trainworks Global are fabricated by skilled professionals who possess expertise in crafting specialty tools to precise specifications. Through the use of advanced bending machinery and meticulous craftsmanship, they can create smooth radius’ and curves that seamlessly blend with the park’s topography. This customized approach to professional tools allows for the creation of thrilling and dynamic ride experiences that are tailored to the amusement park’s vision.

Trainworks Global’s rail benders and TriPoint Track Gauges encompasses not only the technical aspects of bending rails but also the consideration of safety and operational efficiency. Our quality tools ensure that the radiused track meet the necessary standards and regulations for smooth train operation and passenger safety. By offering this specialized tools, Trainworks Global goes the extra mile in providing amusement parks with a complete and tailored train system that perfectly complements their unique layout and design, enhancing the overall enjoyment and excitement for park visitors.