Crossing Signals

Trainworks Global takes pride in its comprehensive approach to amusement park train manufacturing, and one of the standout features we offer is the customization of grade crossing signals. Grade crossing signals play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of both train riders and pedestrians within the park. By offering custom train crossing signals, Trainworks Global demonstrates their commitment to creating a safe and immersive experience for park visitors.

Trainworks Global’s custom train crossing signals are designed to seamlessly blend with the theme and aesthetic of the amusement park. The company works closely with park owners and designers to develop unique and eye-catching crossing signals that enhance the overall ambiance of the park. Trainworks Global builds quality crossing signals that align with the park’s vision and captivate the attention of visitors.

Safety is of paramount importance in amusement parks, and Trainworks Global ensures that their custom train crossing signals meet all necessary safety standards and regulations. The signals are designed to provide clear and visible audible, visual and physical warning to pedestrians and riders, guiding them on when it is safe to cross the tracks. Trainworks Global’s attention to detail extends to the functionality and reliability of the signals, ensuring that they operate consistently and effectively throughout the park. By offering custom train crossing signals, Trainworks Global prioritizes both safety and aesthetics, creating a memorable and secure experience for amusement park guests.